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The 7 magical chairs of odd

Posted on June 24, 2010 at 11:58 AM

The adventures of Bob Mcperson in…

The 7 magical chairs of odd!

By: Avery Moore


One day the mayor a strangeville, Oddicimo was still doing his normal everyday weird stuff when a guy wearing a green with purple polka dot suit came in. Oddicimo said “Who are you and what are you doing! Your messing up my trap door rug!”  “My apologies but the temple of odd needs you sirsh” the weird suited guy said. “What’s with your accent?” said the mayor. “Never mind! Just come with mesh!” “Ok” said the mayor. When they finally got to the temple, The priestish man came out and said “hurry come quick!” They rushed at fast as they could (which there not very fast runners). When they came to a room the priestish guy explained the problem. “Well as you can see someone changed our 7 magical chairs of odd!” “They look like normal chairs, what’s wrong with them?” the mayor interrupted. The priestish guy said “exactly! Their normal! I was gone for 2 hours and now their normal!” Do they still have magic?” the mayor asked. “Let me check.” The priestish guy pressed a spot on the wall and all the magical chairs disappeared! Everyone stared angrily at the priestish guy. Then the mayor said “now what?” Then the guy in the suit had a great idea. He got out his phone and dialed “abi-okl-pnty” the phone letters for Bob Mcperson! Bob Mcperson flew and hit the window while badly singing his theme song! Bob couldn’t break the glass so he used his handy dandy toy hammer of toy hammerishness! He broke the glass and in he flew! Then he asked “what’s the matter?” The priestish guy said “The seven magical chairs magically disappeared! Can you go eat, I mean find them?” “Well I’m hungry!” Bob laughed. Then sticking a finger into his nose with a nod up the chimney he rose! Although this chimney curved every which way, he hit his head several times but finally flew out. He started looking for the first chair who’s name goes by Shnov. Bob knew Shnov liked to dance so he first looked everywhere with a dance floor and disco ball. He soon found him at a place called Te Dncen fol which was old and used to be called The Dancen Fool until some of the letters fell off. There Shnov was dancin’ around a Jack-O-Lantern and Bob swooped in and grabbed Shnov. The chair was then brought back to the temple. Then he set out for the second or considered Poner. He loved chess and computers so he easily found him and brought him back. Then there was Tomin who was the only girl in the group. He looked for the chair and found her in unicorn land and took it back. Back at the temple the priestish guy sat on a chair the man in the suit saw what he did and asked “is that the forthsh one?” The priestish guy said “oh silly no its… wait…what!” He looked back and noticed it was raflutimon ,the forth  chair! When Bob reported back they told him that they found raflutimon. So now I needed 3 more chairs. Now I had to get jiosyfbdshcsxzjnuewrpj whos name is veeeeery looooooong. Then the priestish guy said “now to reveal its GPS location!” “WHAT!” Bob shouted “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOU HAD A GPS!” “Yes we did!” Said the priestish guy said “and it seems that the fifth one ended up in France.” “Ok” said Bob “but next time, tell me that you have a GPS.” So Bob Mcperson flew to France. Bob found jiosyfbdshcsxzjnuewrpj floating in the air with a monk on him. Bob got jiosyfbdshcsxzjnuewrpj down and nagged him pink, then he brought him down. Then Bob discovered the last two, Inky and Blinky (who love playing pacman) were in the temple the whole time! “Woot!” yelled everyone as Bob discovered the last chairs. As Bob Mcperson left everyone yelled “Thank you Bob Mcperson!” Except the Priestish guy, who yelled “DO THE EPICSH DONCE OF AWSOMNESS!!! And as Bob left Bob said “Eat your water, everyday!”

The end. 


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